So, what is it that Studio Storris does exactly? Well, Studio Storris does an awful lot of things: writing, editing, translating, coaching of writers… Basically, Studio Storris offers text and creative content services for companies and people who occupy themselves with fiction, green innovation, the environment, nature, the arts, health, nutrition and spirituality (or a combination thereof). Because variety is the spice of life, Emma takes on different kinds of assignments. However, Emma does not write content that only has a commercial purpose. Her work is always environmentally and/or socially relevant and/or creative. It can be subdivided into the following activities:

  •  writing content for all kinds of media, in both Dutch and English
  •  editing and proofreading texts and books, in both Dutch and English
  •  coaching Dutch writers, who want to write in Dutch or English

Emma am bilingual and command both Dutch and English at a native level. If you want content in these two languages, she can take care of it for you.

The first consultation is for free, so why wait…

Want to know more? Emma will gladly meet up with you to see what she can do for you. The first consultation is for free, so why shouldn’t you.

To give you a bit of an idea of what Emma’s services entail please visit the Studio Storris site or click on the links above. However, she does not limit herself to the services mentioned. Do you have a project that allows Emma to give rein to her talents in a creative manner? Please, do contact her! She is always up for a challenge…