Rates writing, editing, translating

rates writing, editing, translatingWhen you hire Studio Storris to write, edit, proof read or translate your texts and content for you, you are obviously looking for quality. At the same time Studio Storris remains affordable. Below you will find our current rates. As you can see we use bandwidths, a minimum and a maximum amount.

Where in the bandwidth your price is located depends on the type, subject, duration and size of the assignment. A price will be higher when the text is, for instance, about a very specialised subject. When the assignment runs over a longer period of time, the price will go down. Do you want to know exactly how much your text or content will cost you when you hire Studio Storris? Ask for a free quote!

Rates writing, editing and proof reading:

€ 45 – 70 per hour, excluding VAT

fixed price per assignment is possible, on request

Rates literary translations from English to Dutch

6,5 cent per word, plus royalties:
> 4000 book sold 2%
> 100.000 books sold 2,5%
Reprint in pocket 2%

Only published as ebook: 6,5 cent per word, plus 5% for > 4000 books sold
As an extra on top of a physical book: 2% for 0 – 4000 books sold; > 4000 books sold 5%